Steven Reynolds

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This is the home page for Steven Reynolds. I am a software developer and manager living in Houston, TX. I currently work at INT, a small software company specializing in graphics libraries used throughout the Oil Industry.

My github account is stevenreyn. My main project there is RegionViewer. This project exports a graph of objects on the Java Virtual Machine to a graph file. Several graph file formats are supported. I have used this code for some of my talks/papers.

I am a member of the Clojure Houston User Group . We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month. Please come and join us.

Here are a few talks that I have given recently.

Intro To Julia: A Great Language for Data Analytics
Julia is a super interesting technical computing language. A talk that I gave at Houston TechFest 2015.
Immutable Collections from Scala and Clojure
Immutability provide some special benifits as well as some performance challenges that I find interesting. A talk that I gave at JavaOne 2013.
Clojure Collections
Clojure is a new Lisp for the JVM with very special support for concurrency. The talk focuses on how purely functional collections work. From Houston Techfest 2011.
A Brief Introduction to Scala
Scala is a new language for the JVM combining functional and object oriented styles. From JavaOne 2010 and Houston Techfest 2009.
Java Scenegraph
The scene graph library is used by JavaFX to draw graphics. From Houston TechFest January, 2009.
Performance Statistics of Java Applications Using DTrace and Chime
Presentation about DTrace: a tool that allows you to gather data from thousands of probe points in the system. And Chime: a tool to graph DTrace data. From JavaOne 2007.